Three Essential Ways Physiotherapy Can Help Elderly Australians

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Australia has an ageing population, with modern medicine extending the average lifespan by significant amounts. The problem is often the quality of life of those who live well into their 70s, 80s and 90s because they no longer have the functions that they once did, which can be very frustrating. Being able to walk, take care of yourself and do things on your own is very important to elderly Australians, which is why physiotherapy can be a great addition to any older Australians health regime. Here are three ways in which physiotherapy can keep you independent as long as possible.

Strengthening Muscles

While some muscular deterioration is due to age, a lot of it actually occurs because of forgetfulness or unawareness. That means it can be reversed or stopped completely if you see and meet regularly with a physiotherapist who is providing you with appropriate exercises. They can also manipulate joints and muscles in your body that may not get enough attention, ensuring that they stay active and responsive to your touch. By strengthening these muscles, you can add years of independence to your life which you might otherwise have spent using a walking frame or walking stick.

Getting Back On Your Feet

Falls are a natural part of life, even for younger adults. The problem when you get older is that innocuous falls can have a much longer-lasting effect that presents difficulties in all aspects of your day, from simply getting out of bed to going for a walk in the park. Much of physiotherapy deals with injury recovery, something that is far more important the older you get. If you feel like you aren't getting over a routine surgery, then physiotherapy can help you with that area as well. Don't try to suffer through the pain alone; get some help and get back on your feet as soon as possible! 

Chronic Conditions

For those who make it past the age of 65, there is a very good chance that they achieved that feat with a chronic condition. That is because the longer you live, the more chance you have of developing a serious condition, and perhaps none is so widespread or so severe as diabetes. Diabetes is very common in older Australians, and physiotherapy can provide a lot of relief to the extremities most affected by diabetes, particularly the legs. Your physiotherapist can also set you some easy-to-achieve goals to help prevent the rampant spread of diabetes. 

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