Practical Tips Podiatrists Recommend on Managing Foot Pain

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Have you been experiencing foot pain for some time now? Foot pain can make your life difficult, and if you don't seek treatment or professional assistance to deal with the pain, swelling, inflammation, or other symptoms, your freedom of movement could be compromised. The good news is that podiatrists can offer treatment and share recommendations on how to protect your feet throughout. Some of these feet protection tips are shared below, so consider them to make your life easier.

Never dismiss heel pain

One of the common leg issues people dismiss today is heel pain. While this pain is often caused by sports injuries and strain, it can also manifest as a result of arthritis. For this reason, it is essential to get your foot checked out by an expert as soon as you realise that the pain keeps recurring. The heel pain could occur if you are experiencing inflammation in the connective tissues of the leg tendons and ligaments. This inflammatory issue is linked to some forms of arthritis, including ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis.

Keep stretching your feet and legs

People with tight muscles and tend to suffer from foot pain. The easiest way to avoid these issues, especially if you struggle with arthritis, is to stretch your legs and feet each day. This helps to loosen the muscles and tendons in those areas. The best stretches are those that target foot arch, hamstrings, heels, and calves. These stretches should be designed to put the feet and ankles in a continuous but gentle motion. Your physical therapist can recommend some stretches that suit your requirements and even show you how to do them correctly.

Don't try high-impact workouts

Although experts recommend that you stay active even when you are having foot pain problems, you should not do high-impact exercises. Such workouts wear down the joints, muscles, and tendons, but this doesn't mean that you should sit all day. So instead of running, or doing high-impact aerobics, consider walking, doing yoga, or swimming. Be sure to protect your feet adequately with the right sports shoes while exercising and don't exercise on cement.

Buy the right shoes

Another option you should consider to combat foot pain is to get appropriate shoes. Don't pick the cheapest shoe in the store. You should focus on getting footwear that offers outstanding features that will keep your feet comfy. Shoes with thick cushioned soles are more suitable. You can also get custom inserts for your old shoes to boost their functionality and comfort.